About Me

My name is Kristi and I am a student attending San Jose State University.  Ever since I was a child, I constantly pondered the existence of some kind of afterlife or continuation of life after death.  Yes, I know, what a morbid topic for a child to be concerned with, but I was convinced of the existence of ghosts.  I knew we couldn’t simply be alone.  Many times as a child I remember feeling eyes on me when I was alone or hearing things moving around me late at night.  Some will never have a paranormal experience, and will live their lives in complete oblivion.  I, however, have chosen to concern myself with the pursuit of truth and the existence of a sort of realm in between living on Earth and what happens when one is finally put to rest for eternity.

This blog is an exploration of things related to and involving ghosts or the paranormal.  Although I would not necessarily consider myself a seasoned ghost hunter, I sometimes travel to haunted locations out of pure curiosity.  These paranormal ventures will be documented here.  In addition, I explore ways in which to contact spirits, as well as the nature of certain ghosts and what to look out for.  Together, we can explore this largely unexplored “terrain” and seek out evidence of paranormal existence.  Like I said, “Welcome to all — Living or Dead!”

One thought on “About Me

  1. i like ur website & im arabic from iraq & i talk little in english , but i want say for u im
    Interested in what ur saying & i Believe that there was ghosts in our life because realy I feel in their presence specialy in med night ….. so thanx for Interest in this topic

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