Old Charleston Jail



The Old Charleston Jail is located in Charleston, South Carolina.  The jail itself was in actual operation from 1802 to 1939, but in these one hundred and thirty-seven years, the jail housed many a dangerous and malicious character.  Some say that many of these troubled souls never left. It just so happened that the Old Charleston Jail was built at a perfect time to see many different walks of life.  Some of the prisoners that were housed here include: pirates awaiting hanging, Civil War prisoners and criminals, fugitive slaves, and even the first woman condemned to death for murder — Lavinia Fisher.  Many say that it is actually Lavinia that is the most prominent spirit located in the Old Charleston Jail today.

Allegedly, she rattles cells and doors, grabs visitors by the hair or aggressively by the arm, and has even been said to have physically harmed people by scratching or pushing.  Lavinia’s final words before she was hung were, “If any of you has a message for the Devil, tell me now, for I’ll be seeing him soon.”  Needless to say, this woman is both a very violent person in life and in death, and makes her presence known.  Although I have never been, it is extremely high on my list of haunted places to visit specifically because of Lavinia.  I’d love to “meet” her!

Now used as an art school, the Old Charleston Jail sits, brooding, considering its past and housing some of the most active spirits in America.

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