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Death (Photo credit: tanakawho)

In the time that I’ve been alive, I have been faced with the overwhelming reality of death many times.  Although it is a common experience for young people, the death of my grandparents was particularly hard on me.  It was the death of my grandfather when I was nine that really piqued my interest in the paranormal because of the fact that both my cousin and I had seen him since his passing.  Our parents did not believe us, of course.  After this, though, I took special interest in the pursuit of what happens after death.

One would think that with having such a fascination with the subject, that I have had tons of significant paranormal experiences.  Unfortunately this is not the case.  Although I would say I’ve had more than the average person and definitely more than a nonbeliever, perhaps this is because I assign meaning to occurrences that may have no paranormal connotation at all.  Who knows?  Most of my most compelling experiences involve the death of a family member, which makes sense.  In this entry I will post some experiences that may or may not have anything at all to do with ghosts.  The decision is up to you!

In May of 2012, my grandmother passed away.  My family was devastated, naturally.  Two nights after her passing, I had an extremely vivid dream of my grandmother at my house.  I distinctly remember being very upset in the dream that she was no longer with us.  However, she seemed at peace and glowed healthily as she did before she was sick.  She instructed me to sit next to her, and I did.  She then turned to me and reassured me, “Everything is going to be okay.”  Although I know this is rather cliché, it holds incredible significance to me because the remainder of that year was one of the hardest I had been through.  I kept her in the back of my mind though, and believed with all my heart that everything would be okay.  Now, two years later, everything has come to pass. She was right.

My other grandmother passed away in 2004.  She was always known for her impeccable taste in art and flare for decorating.  One year, she gave my mother a small clock with a pendulum and chimes.  It was placed perfectly on our mantle and sat there peacefully for years.  Other than my mother winding it every now and then, it always kept perfect time.  I distinctly remember the day she died.  My father called us at 2:30pm saying she had passed, and had said her final words and was gone at 2:14 in the afternoon.  After returning home that day, my mother and I were appalled: the clock we inherited from my grandmother had stopped perfectly at 2:14pm that day.  Sign from my grandmother or coincidence?  We may never know.

Like I said previously, perhaps I am eager and searching for experiences to assign paranormal meaning, but perhaps my grandmothers both contacted me from the spirit realm after they were no longer living.  To me, this thought is comforting and endearing, as sending signs is a way of letting loved ones know that you, too, are okay.  Although all activity including my dead grandparents is long over, their memories still remain in my heart and mind — both of when they were living and beyond!

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