For some, the veil between the world of the living and the world of the dead is more thin than for those who have no sensitivity to spirits or paranormal phenomena.  These people are commonly referred to as psychic mediumsOften, people who have this ability will have little to no control over it, and their experiences differ.  Some may just hear spirits, while others may hear, see, and be touched by spirits constantly.  Can you imagine how that would change your life?  Almost no time completely by yourself, not to mention the people hanging around are most likely a bit scary and probably are looking for help.

Recently, pop culture has taken an interest in such people.  On television, there are two prominent shows that feature people claiming to be psychic mediums.  One is Long Island Medium, where a woman with psychic abilities is profiled in her daily life.  It also shows how someone with these abilities can perhaps help the living get in contact with the dead.  In addition, another show featuring a medium is on the Travel Channel.  The Dead Files features Amy Allan, who explains at the beginning of the show, My name is Amy Allan. I see dead people. I speak to dead people. And they speak to me.”  Both shows offer an interesting look into not only the life of a psychic medium, but also how they may be able to communicate things to the living from the dead.

From the perspective of the dead, however, mediums must be such a relief.  To be able to attempt to tell someone your story when no one else can see you. This person can also help you to resolve unfinished business and perhaps even aid in “crossing over.”  It has been said that mediums have also been recruited to gather evidence in criminal cases.  Although most of the time the evidence cannot be upheld in an actual court case, some of the information the medium gathers may lead to real physical evidence that can be used in court.  Either way, whether you believe mediums truly do speak to the dead or not, I do hope in some way, the spirits who roam this earth have some method of communication with the living.


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