Ghost Hunting Equipment

Exploring the world of the paranormal can be done with no equipment whatsoever; just yourself and the spirits.  However, if one intends to document their findings and add credibility to the experience, ghost hunting tools do exist.  In fact, the market for such tools is growing and expanding.

Of course, there are the obvious recording tools that are a must in any documented paranormal investigation — the camera and the digital recorder.  A normal camera or video camera both work great, although a video camera is more effective in recording movement, if you happen to catch any.  A digital recorder is perhaps the most useful of all tools, because spirits tend to favor communication through EVPs (electronic voice phenomena), rather than manifestation that is caught on camera.  Unfortunately, personal experience is the most common paranormal evidence, but most will likely not believe any such “ghost story.”

In addition to the paranormal equipment staples, there are a myriad of other devices that can be used to suggest the presence of a spirit.  My personal favorites are the spirit box, the thermal imaging camera, and the melmeter.

The spirit box is effective in capturing spirit voices as it scans through countless radio waves  every second.  When a voice is captured on a spirit box, rest assured that it is not interference through the radio waves, as that would be impossible because it is scanning so quickly.  It also gives off enough energy for spirits to feed off of and communicate with.

A thermal imaging camera can be useful in paranormal investigations, especially when they take place outdoors.  This particular camera shows what it is recording in terms of temperature, with the red sections implying hot and warm temperatures, and blues signifying colder temperatures.  At times, a spirit can be caught on this camera as a dark, cold mass.  As opposed to a human, that glows red, orange, and yellow.

The melmeter is a device used to detect electromagnetic fields.  This can be found both in the presence of an abundance of electricity in a building or home, or in the presence of a spirit.  In addition, this tool also has a temperature gauge on it to further support the claim of a paranormal presence.

Although you ghost hunting by yourself is perfectly adequate in the pursuit of the paranormal, if you wish to provide credibility to your claims and experiences, I would definitely recommend getting at least a camera or using some sort of recording device!  Happy ghost hunting!


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