Virginia City

Virginia City

Virginia City (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

When one thinks of a ‘ghost town,’ it is usually pictured as an abandoned old western town with tumble weeds casually rolling through the streets and a vulture circling overhead.  Virginia City, Nevada, is an old town with a ton of interesting history, but it is not a ghost town because it has been abandoned.  It is a ghost town in the truest sense of the word.  The town is teeming with restless spirits.In true spooky fashion, the town was founded by a man named James Fennimore, who, coincidentally, had fled his hometown after murdering a man.  Perhaps the origin of a place and the people who contributed have something to do with the future of the location?  In this case, I’d say that’s not too ridiculous.

In its heyday, Virginia City was a mining town that revolved around the industry.  It was a hugely successful town, and as a result was called the “Richest City in America.”  After the primary mine ran out, though, many of the residents moved onward to more profitable endeavors.  Today, approximately one thousand people still reside there, but it is an extremely popular tourist destination and is considered the most haunted city in Nevada.

Although many of the ghosts are lacking in stories as to why they are there, almost every building in Virginia City has AT LEAST one resident ghost.  The most popular haunted destinations in the town are The Old Washoe Club (where at least four spirits reside), the Silver Queen Hotel and Casino, and and Gold Hill Hotel.

Unfortunately I have not yet been to Virginia City, but it is one of the most intriguing ghost town stories I have heard.  I absolutely plan on going in the near future and reporting back on my experiences!


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