Environmental Spirits


Everyone has heard of the typical “haunted house” or the old building down the street that supposedly has ghosts living in it, but what about spirits that reside beyond the confinement of walls?  Do these exist?

It is a popular theory in the paranormal community that environmental spirits exist and that certain elements can encourage the presence of spirits.  It is thought that electrical storms can provide a charge of energy for spirits to feed off of.  Maybe that’s why scary movies always take place on a dark and stormy night complete with lightning!  The presence of flowing water is also commonly thought to attract spirits and give them the energy to manifest in one way or another.
Although there is little research a a limited amount of knowledge about nature spirits, some suggest that instead of being attached to a structure or object, these spirits are instead connected to the land and the Earth.  Some may have lived and died there and look to protect a place they love, and perhaps some never lived at all and are instead protectors of nature that have been there since the beginning of time.

It is no coincidence that evidence of lights in the middle of a forest with no electricity nearby have been caught on camera.  Maybe this is where the idea of fairies, nymphs, and sprites come from, who knows?  Or maybe those creatures do exist and environmental spirits do not!

In addition, many cultures believe that nature possesses entities in itself such as tree spirits and animal spirits that are just as powerful as the human spirit.

I know I wholeheartedly believe in spirits that are connected to a certain place in nature and seek to ensure that the land is protected.  Perhaps this is why nature can feel so comfortable and calm at times – because it is untouched by malicious entities that seek to harm, as opposed to peaceful nature protectors that only want to see the well being of the Earth and the land that they love.


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