Paranormal Theory


Ghost (Photo credit: Pétur Gauti)

The other day, I was sitting at home watching ghost shows with all the lights off (of course), and stumbled upon an interesting theory about spirits. The episode profiled a family’s home that was being haunted by a young woman. When asked about the history of the house, though, they said no young woman had ever died in the house. Upon doing further research, a neighbor confirmed that the apparition they were seeing was one of a woman who had lived there years before with her family. However, this woman died decades later in a different house nowhere nearby.

This got me thinking.  Why would it be that a woman who died at age fifty-four would return to her childhood home as the apparition of a twelve year old? Since there are no solid facts or scientific research to prove any theory correct, I figured I’d give my two cents. I think that she returned for one of two reasons; either her happiest days were spent there, or something traumatic happened to this woman in that house. Often, ghosts stick around after their death to solve unfinished business. Although I’d like to think this woman returned to relive her happiest moments in life, I believe that she must have returned to come to terms with whatever happened there.

This also means that a traumatic experience can cause a haunting to be malevolent and troublesome. Although the family living in the house claimed it wasn’t unlivable, they did say the ghost of this young girl frightens them.

It is often difficult to infer exactly what goes on in the spirit world and why. Perhaps there is no rhyme or reason to it at all and as humans we try to make sense of and decode something that is out of our mental grasp. I find myself constantly frustrated and searching for answers because of this. All we can do is conduct more research and attempt to piece the puzzle together, for we will never TRULY know until we are part of their world. Once we are there, though, there is no coming back. We will be the ones trying so desperately to communicate our stories and what we know. I can only hope the living will listen.


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