Der Poltergeist

Der Poltergeist (Photo credit: Lab604)

The literal breakdown of the word poltergeist is derived from the German words “poltern” (to make noise) and “geist” (ghost).  When put together they mean “noisy ghost,” which is exactly what a poltergeist is.  Most commonly, spirits communicate through EVPs (electronic voice phenomena) and manifestation.  Spirits categorized as poltergeists are capable of moving and throwing things, as well as sometimes harming the living.  A poltergeist is an extremely difficult spirit to live with, as they tend to disrupt daily life.

There are many theories on what poltergeists actually are.  Some say that these entities are connected closely to the elements and to the Earth, while others argue they are simply powerful and malicious spirits that feed off of negative energy and death.  The first stories I ever heard of poltergeists were stories that connected these spirits to children and teenagers.  It has been said that emotional teenagers can serve as a sort of portal for the entity to feed off of and therefore move and throw objects.  Most often, these young people have no idea they are feeding their energy to a poltergeist.  In addition, poltergeist activity can cause tension in the household, creating a whirlwind of energy that also feeds into the activity.

Most often, a poltergeist haunting requires professional help.  Whether this is the help of a psychic medium, ghost hunters, or even a priest, a blessing of the house and instructions for the inhabitants are necessary.  Unfortunately, it is common for a poltergeist to attach itself to an individual or family, so moving into a different house will often fail to solve the problem.

Poltergeists are especially fascinating to me, as there is something to be said for high levels of emotion or distress causing physical disruption of the environment.  I’m not necessarily suggesting that the movie Matilda is fact or that magic has anything to do with it, but I’ve always thought that some people are capable of affecting objects or other people with their minds.  Most often these people do not realize, and poltergeist activity suggests that it is often with the help of an unseen entity, but it gives me hope that someday these “powers” will be realized and utilized for good.  I probably sound like a crazy person, but most people will go through life as non-believers, completely intolerant of the possibility that this phenomenon may be a reality.  Who knows?  Maybe these people possess this hypersensitivity and will never know it.  What a shame.  All I ask is to at least keep an open mind, because you, too, could have these powers within you.


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