Ghost Hunters: Truth Seekers

If you had a pesky spirit or poltergeist haunting your house sixty years ago, there would have been little you could do to stop it.  Paranormal research has risen tremendously within the past twenty-five years, and as a result, so has our general knowledge of ghosts.  Although the first documented paranormal research group was founded in 1882, it didn’t become a mainstream practice until fairly recently.

Generally, the two main goals of paranormal researchers (ghost hunters) are 1) To gain knowledge of the spirit realm and share their findings with others, and 2) To help those who are being frightened or threatened by an unseen entity.

There is a variety of equipment ghost hunters usually use, and new spirit technology is being developed frequently.  Of course, the general items such as a voice recorder, a regular camera, and a video camera are the bare necessities of any ghost hunting mission.  Beyond that, you can get into infrared cameras that see changes in temperature and sometimes catch things the human eye or lens camera cannot see, EMF (electromagnetic field) detectors — devices that gauge fluctuations in the electromagnetic field — something that can be an indication of the presence of a spirit, and spirit boxes, which scan radio stations at an impossibly fast rate and give off enough energy to help spirits talk.  The more detailed tools can be extremely expensive, so if you are looking to do a little ghost hunting yourself, just acquire the bare necessities and you should be fine!

Of course, me being such a paranormal nerd, my favorite shows are, of course, ghost shows.  My favorites are Ghost Adventures (Travel Channel) and Ghost Hunters (Syfy Network).  If you get the chance, you should watch an episode sometime, if even just for the laughs (for non-believers!).  They provide what appears to be pretty solid evidence of the existence of ghosts.  The ghost hunting crews travel to what are said to be the most active paranormal locations in the world.  Here they conduct research through use of the equipment mentioned earlier and document it for America to see.  Some episodes are extremely convincing and thought-provoking.

This is a video put together by the Ghost Adventures Crew detailing an experience that happened to them at the Goldfield Hotel in Nevada City, NV.  This video includes analysis of the video by scientists and video experts, as well as an intelligent EVP response to the event years later.  This video includes strong language and is guaranteed to get your heart pumping, so watch with discretion.  The link is below, enjoy!


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