Incubi and Succubi

ImageTo further my last entry discussing the threat of demons that prey upon the living, I decided to discuss a specific type of demon that can be traced as far back as 2400 B.C.  An incubus is defined as a demon that visits humans, especially women, in their sleep and proceeds to have intercourse with them.  A succubus is the female counterpart of an incubus.

Legend has it that incubi prey on women in their dreams to father ghostly children and have a presence on Earth.  Succubi seduce men for their own pleasure.  It is said that having relations with such a demon can cause decline in health and can sometimes even be fatal.

The implication of incubi and succubi have changed since medieval times.  Today, most accounts of these sexual demons are described as highly attractive and irresistible, and an encounter may be considered enjoyable and pleasant.  Thousands of years ago, incubi and succubi were portrayed as terrifyingly ugly and demonic creatures that preyed upon unwilling victims.  It is not uncommon to have reports of these creatures visiting the living in their dreams, even today.

For my non-believers and truth seekers:  Scientists have looked for explanations and attribute most claims of incubi and succubi, like those of UFO abduction, to sleep paralysis.  Many of those who have experienced an encounter with an incubi or succubi can hardly recall what happened before or after the incident.

To me though, this doesn’t mean that they don’t exist entirely.

I have never had an encounter with a demon, as I stated before, but I find the idea of incubi and succubi especially terrifying because of the violation that takes place.  Many people explain it as a peaceful interaction that is welcome, but I can’t imagine it being so.  If you ever have an encounter with an incubi or succubi, sever all ties with the demon and let it be known it is not welcome in your home.  After all, choosing to have more than one intimate interaction with a demon could be the last decision you ever make.

If you learn nothing else from this blog, at least take away the fact that issues involving demons should not be taken lightly.

Next entry:  Ghost Hunting and Professional Ghost Hunters.  Stay tuned! Stay spooky!

3 thoughts on “Incubi and Succubi

  1. the pic you have here frightens me wuite a bit. I have been able to see things since i can remember or walk much like constatine ok. most frightening . this particualr ghost demon hallucination whatever remebles thie incubus one to two differences . it is never alone and though the top looks the same the bottom is not . there is no bottom. its like it forms from black smoke or shadow. i had not seen or dreamed these things in quite some time till this morning. it has been years. I dont think the shadow i saw is this but very very similar.

  2. Hi.. I came across your site after searching for images of Incubus Demons. And with this one I can tell that I have seen more than once those creatures, when I have sleep paralysis. I didn’t know what I saw until someone told me about this.
    I have sleep paralysis since ever, and I can remember seeing black creatures that move like shadows around me… while I can’t move or speak at all, but I can see my room and my body really clearly, like once I had it when I was travelling and I could see my hotel room with all details, while my boyfriend slept besides me. Otherwise, I don’t remember anything about being touched at any time… Anyway.. this is it. I think this is the most frightening thing I have ever passed trough, and I’m a Magick apprentice.

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