Paranormal Theory


Ghost (Photo credit: Pétur Gauti)

The other day, I was sitting at home watching ghost shows with all the lights off (of course), and stumbled upon an interesting theory about spirits. The episode profiled a family’s home that was being haunted by a young woman. When asked about the history of the house, though, they said no young woman had ever died in the house. Continue reading

The Lizzie Borden House

The Borden house, where the murders took place.

The Borden house, where the murders took place.

The Borden Family lived a normal life in an average two story house in Fall River Massachusetts in the late 1800s.  Lizzie Borden, her sister Emma, their father Andrew, and stepmother Abby all inhabited the house — until one day when Andrew and Abby were found brutally murdered in the home.  Murder weapon?  A dull axe. Continue reading


Der Poltergeist

Der Poltergeist (Photo credit: Lab604)

The literal breakdown of the word poltergeist is derived from the German words “poltern” (to make noise) and “geist” (ghost).  When put together they mean “noisy ghost,” which is exactly what a poltergeist is.  Most commonly, spirits communicate through EVPs (electronic voice phenomena) and manifestation.  Continue reading

Ghost Hunters: Truth Seekers

If you had a pesky spirit or poltergeist haunting your house sixty years ago, there would have been little you could do to stop it.  Paranormal research has risen tremendously within the past twenty-five years, and as a result, so has our general knowledge of ghosts.  Although the first documented paranormal research group was founded in 1882, it didn’t become a mainstream practice until fairly recently. Continue reading