Many spirits that humans come into contact with are simply lost souls looking to take care of unfinished business they neglected while they were living.  They are generally understood to be humans that have died and are stuck in the realm between living life and resting peacefully in the afterlife.  There is another category that is largely misunderstood by those who have not experienced or researched them extensively; DemonsThese malicious entities were never human, and purposely prey on the living for their own enjoyment.  Most often, tales of harm by unseen forces or possession are demons at work.  In popular culture, movies like Paranormal Activity, The Exorcist, and most recently, The Possession, are the outlining of what can happen when demonic entities find their way into people’s lives.

It is a debate within the paranormal world whether or not ghosts of humans that were once alive can inflict physical harm upon the living.  Some think that spirits who had a violent or untimely death are capable of such harm.  Others believe that only a demonic-type haunting can result in physical pain.  Often, “symptoms” of a demonic presence can manifest as scratch marks that come in threes, to mock the holy trinity, and it begins as a sort of burning.  Once you realize the burning sensation, the scratch marks will be visible.  At this point, if you are exploring a haunted location, you should leave immediately.

Although I have never personally encountered a demon or reason to believe I have, I maintain a healthy fear of them.  You must be careful when searching for answers within the paranormal world.  One cannot make themselves or their human energy too available.  Many cases have been documented of alleged demonic possession and exorcisms, these can sometimes result in death.  Although it is up to you whether you believe it is actually a demonic possession or rather, mental illness of some kind, it is still a good idea to be weary of demons, just in case you come face to face with one someday.

Another method in which demons can manifest is as the spirit of something innocent, like a child or animal.  Think about how often you have heard of a haunted location that has reported sightings of “a little girl in a white dress,” or a “small boy playing on the second floor.”  Although it isn’t uncommon for children who have died to return as ghosts due to lack of understanding of death, these entities may also be a demon in children’s clothing, so to speak.

There is no guarantee that a demon will not single you out as its prey, but there are steps you can take to make yourself less available.  Firstly, use common sense.  If you are ghost hunting at a reported haunted location and feel woozy, uncharacteristically angry, or are being harmed by forces unseen, leave IMMEDIATELY.  These are warning signs that a demon or malicious spirit is trying to attach itself to you or even jump inside you.  This is what most often results in possession.  Make sure if you are seeking a demon or angry presence that you keep your wits about you, and have a sound mind, heart, and body.  To avoid being vulnerable, an experienced ghost hunter always has an extremely strong sense of self to ward off demons “stalking weak prey.”  Lastly, regardless of if you believe in a god, it is said the Bible, holy water, and a crucifix will anger and ward off demons, so if you fear you may be plagued by a demon looking to steal your soul, these items may be of help.

Demons are the dark angels, doomed to roam the earth and the underworld for all eternity.  Don’t fall prey to their tricks and dangerous games.  If you have had a demonic experience, feel free to comment, as I would love to hear your story!  Happy ghost hunting!


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