Ouija Boards — Childish Game or Portal to the Spirit World?


The Ouija Board was first introduced in 1890 as a fun, harmless parlor game.  People would play Ouija at parties and mock the spirit world by not paying proper respect to the spirits they were contacting.  Although nowadays it is still distributed as a game by Hasbro Inc., I firmly believe that there is something to be said for Ouija and it’s credibility as a medium between the world of the living and the afterlife.

In my experiences with Ouija, taking the board seriously is of great importance.  I mostly stick to questions about the spirit itself as opposed to inquiring about my future.  Many people ask questions such as, “When will I die?” and “Who will I marry?”  Do you really want a spirit telling your future, when they probably don’t really know in the first place?  What if a spirit told you a specific date on which you will die?  You would dread every day until it passed, or you would die on that day. I, for one, do not want to know when I am going to die, especially not from a spirit that is likely not being truthful.  However, you can ask the spirit anything your heart desires, just think first about what information you really want to know, and what you’d rather steer clear of.

When using a Ouija Board, it is extremely important that you open and close the portal to the spirit realm.  To open, simply say “Hello,” and begin asking questions.  It isn’t always easy to contact a spirit with a Ouija Board, and sometimes you will get no contact at all.  Regardless of if you contact anyone, it is imperative that you slide the pointer over goodbye, say goodbye out loud, then flip the board over and rub the opposite side of the board to complete your contact.  This way, no evil spirits or demons can come through the portal after use.  There have been cases documented where possession or demonic attachment has taken place after using the Ouija Board.  This is not something you want, so conclude your Oujia Board session properly.  Just do it!

On a personal level, the reason why I believe so firmly in the practice of Ouija is because of an experience I had when I was thirteen years old.  My best friend had brought over a Ouija Board and was convincing everyone to participate.

We began the Ouija session by asking “Is anyone here?” over and over.  Finally we got a response and the pointer began to move, my heart practically beating out of my chest.  Much to my surprise, when we asked who we were communicating with, my recently deceased grandmother spelled out her full name.  I felt inclined to stop playing at that point, but my friends insisted we continue, so I bowed out of the game, hoping they would find someone else to communicate with.

My grandmother stayed.  We asked questions attempting to verify that it was indeed my family member, and the board answered with ease, to every single question.  I was no longer playing and did not have my hands anywhere near the pointer, and my friends knew nothing of this woman or of her history.

This leads me to believe that there is no other explanation of the board knowing all my complicated family history; we were actually communicating with my grandmother through this portal.  After this experience I definitely took the “game” of Ouija more seriously, as I think everyone should.


Comment and ask if you have any questions regarding the game or history of Ouija!

This website also offers some useful insight into the world of Ouija:


One thought on “Ouija Boards — Childish Game or Portal to the Spirit World?

  1. It is surprising that you acknowledge that evil spirits can come through the portal but would ascribe the details of your family life revealed to you by the Ouija board as being your grandmother. I cannot say that it was or it wasn’t, but my belief is that it wasn’t. There are demons, which I contrast with spirits, because they were never human that follow families through generations they watch and they witness to all events with the explicit purpose to persecute a family through generations, such an entity could provide detailed information that no human being not familiar with your family could provide unless given by God. It is not my intention to criticize, I just wanted to point out an alternative explanation of your experience. I appreciated your article as I have an interest in demonology from a Christian perspective.

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