The Byron Hotel — Byron, CA

The Byron Hotel stands in shambles, just a hollow shell of its former glory. Once known as “The Byron Hot Springs Hotel and Resort,” this retreat from daily life was wildly popular with A-list celebrities in the early 1900s. Although the building had burned down twice, no significant deaths were reported at the hotel during its resort days. It was, however, turned into a makeshift hospital immediately after The Great Byron Train Disaster of 1902, which occurred nearby, and many people died there in the aftermath. In addition, during World War II, the resort was turned into a military interrogation camp called “Camp Tracy.” This is the source of the majority of negative energy felt on the property and inside the buildings.

A year or so ago, I decided to go investigate this location, as I had heard through word of mouth that many spooky occurrences had been documented. The building is located on private property, though, so I had to be discreet. Unfortunately, the building has been completely defaced by graffiti and trash. Reportedly, apparitions of a man in white rags and a small child running are commonly spotted at this location. Different sounds have been reported as well, such as voices and dragging noises on the first floor. While I was walking around the second floor, I saw something out of the corner of my eye. When I turned to investigate, whatever it was had disappeared. Later on, when preparing to leave, I heard a distinct voice come from two floors above me. My friends I were all accounted for and we were definitely the only people there. Needless to say, we left shortly after, a bit shaken up.

Although no one knows for sure who still resides at the Byron Hotel, they are definitely searching for something and are eager to make contact with the living. I can only hope that these lost souls will eventually find peace.


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